The Role of Branded Products in Your Promotional Campaign Strategy

When considering your business’s needs and marketing strategy, it’s easy to focus entirely on online digital marketing campaigns. Yet, adding another strategy, such as using branded products in your business’s promotional campaigns, can raise brand awareness and promote your business offline.

Branded promotional products such as Coffee Cups, Notebooks or Pens have been used for years to boost brand awareness alongside promotional campaigns. Brand loyalty and engagement can be increased by introducing branded merchandise into your marketing mix.

Benefits of using Branded Promotional Products:

Using branded promotional items enables your consumer base to physically see and engage with your brand name and identity. Other forms of marketing, particularly your business’s digital marketing plans, can get lost in the crowd as consumers are constantly bombarded with TV, social media, and radio advertisements.

Promotional products are a marketing tool that can be used to encourage potential customers to take action and as a result, form an emotional connection with your brand. Perhaps they will research your business, follow your business on social media or visit your in-person outlets.

Branded promotional products, on average, are kept by the recipient for around 7 months. Highly functional items such as keyrings, pens, and water bottles are more likely to be used, kept and seen daily by the recipient. This will help to embed your brand name and logo into your target audience’s mind, increasing their chances of reaching out to you. The branded product itself acts as a call to action.

What Promotional Products will work for your business?

Learning, acknowledging, and understanding your target market’s wants and needs is important to gain successful promotion.

Creating a promotional plan based on their average age and interests will aid in defining the type of promotional product that you’ll want to send them! If targeting young adults, for example, it’s likely that they’ll benefit from a stress product such as a stress ball during exam season. For an older audience, quality homeware items could be more appropriate.

Choosing Promotional Products: Expensive or Cheap?

Choosing a memorable, standout promotional item will always pay off, not only by making a long-lasting impression on its recipients but also by ensuring a high brand recall that may last for many years to come.

Studies have proved that customers place a high value on promotional items and business gifts that they find useful. More than the value or beauty of a product, people want an item they can use.  If they can’t use it, the object ends up in the bin, along with your investment and branding.  It’s no surprise that promotional giveaways compete for space with many other home tools and gadgets. Undoubtedly, the more useful your product is, the longer it is kept around the office or at home. Consequently, the more your customers will think of your company or brand.

Deciding how much to spend on promotional items is always a difficult decision. It is perfectly true that your promotional product should reach a large number of people. However, if you opt for an excessively cheap and low-quality product, your consumers will have no reason to keep it. Low-quality and cheap promotional items break, wear out, or are instantly discarded and your customers will no longer have the product around to remind them of your brand or service. Therefore. it is advisable to avoid affecting your brand in a negative way by opting for a cheap promotional item. Instead, choose an item that is likely to make a long-lasting impression, an item that people find useful and that will last for a long time.

Which distribution methods work best?

There are various ways to distribute promotional gifts. Sometimes the success of an entire advertising campaign can depend upon the distribution choice,

Once again, the campaign goal will guide the choice of distribution method. Hence, a “mass approach” is more suitable to attract customers. For example, a free-of-charge distribution to potential clients at a retail outlet, a conference, or a presentation.

Customer experience personalisation can be a powerful method of customer retention. For example, you can offer a promotional gift or souvenir when a customer purchases a product. Your clients will certainly appreciate being acknowledged by your business and the likelihood that they will become regular customers will increase!

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