Metal Engraving Services

We use industry leading Co2 and fibre laser engraving machines to mark products across a wide range of industries. Whether it’s bespoke laser engraving for ecommerce stores or large-scale industrial metal engraving, we can offer a personalised solution to meet all your engraving needs.

Laser engraving is an effective way of producing permanent markings on a range of different metals.

The applications range from marking component parts, individual labelling for traceability to the personalisation of business gifts and promotional items.

The contactless engraving process ensures a permanent mark without damaging the surface of the metal.

Recent metal engraving projects:

Engraved lunch boxes as part of our co-branding partnership with a leading catering product brand

Metal component parts for an automotive company

Rotary engraved bottles as part of our co-branding partnership with leading drinkware brand

Engraved keyrings for a promotional product supplier

Some of the industries we supply:

Business Gifts & Promotional Items

Our Laser engraving capabilities enable us to support the promotional gift industry, providing engraving services across a huge range of metal products including keyrings, bottles, pens and much more.

Metal Plaques & Signage

These services cater to a wide range of products used in various industries, such as simple plug sockets with on/off indicators, signal and warning labels, switch plates, control panels, and identification panels. These products find applications in numerous companies across different sectors.

Automotive & Engineering

We provide an engraving service for companies within the automotive industry, engraving QR Codes, logos, symbols and serial numbers across various component parts.


We supply engraving services for some of the worlds leading brands by offering co-branding services within B2B and B2C market.

What type of metals can we engrave?

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular choice for various applications. Furthermore, it is used to make bottles, kitchen utensils, tools, surgical equipment, and is employed across a range of different industry sectors.


Steel can also be laser engraved. The most applications include the identification of component parts and product identification.


Aluminium is a commonly used material for crafting everyday items like picture frames, business cards, and electronic products. It can also be engraved for personalisation or identification purposes.

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised aluminium is another common metal suited to laser engraving. A light weight and durable combination makes it the material of choice for aircraft and automotive products.

Coated Metal

When dealing with coated metal, you can typically adjust the laser parameters to safely remove the paint or powder coating without causing any harm to the underlying base metal.


Titanium, a high-quality material, finds widespread use in dental and medical technology for implants, as well as in the automotive sector for screws, valves, and various other applications. During the laser marking process, the metal’s surface heats up, leading to oxidation in the surrounding air, resulting in a typically dark, often bluish mark.


Laser engraving machines can also engrave or etch copper. Copper pipes, wires, automobile parts, cooking pots, and other products can be engraved for personalisation and identification.


Laser engraving on gold is a frequently used technique in the jewellery and awards industry. We specialise in laser engraving trophies and medals and collaborate with retailers and distributors to add personalised messages and markings to their gold items, enhancing their product offerings.


Much like gold, silver can also be laser engraved. Sterling silver, being a relatively soft metal, is well-suited for laser engraving systems as it requires high-speed and precise power settings to achieve successful marking.


Brass is a durable, yet malleable metal alloy made primarily of copper and zinc. Due to its low melting point and high electrical conductivity, brass is a favoured choice for metal engraving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our machines will clearly mark on coated and raw material but our systems are not ideally suited to metal-cutting.

As we supply branding services across multiple industries and can brand 1000’s of different products, it makes it almost impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all all pricing structure.

If you have a bespoke request, we’ll determine the costs after reviewing the product and artwork. In many cases, a simple image or website view is enough to confirm costs. However, there are instances where we might need a physical sample to assess packaging, material treatment, or other factors that could influence the cost.

If you have a range of products that need branding regularly, we can provide a pricing matrix tailored to your specific requirements.

We are able to rotary engrave products that do not exceed 70mm in diameter. Although, in most cases, we will need to see an image or physical sample of the item before confirming.

Ideally, all artwork needs to be vectorised and supplied in either EPS, AI, or Corel Draw CDR files with all text converted to curves. If you can’t provide artwork in this format, our design team can convert it for you. Moreover, the cost to convert artwork is really dependent on the complexity of the design and the amount of re-drawing required. Simply send us your design or drawing, and we will provide a quote to convert the artwork.

View our full list of FAQs.

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Request Quote

Fill out our quote form and we will get back to you with a quotation for your project.

Arrange Callback

Choose a time that suits you and our team will give you a call back to discuss your requirements.

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